Child Vest


Vests come pre-assembled and are made from heavyweight suede. They also come with an eagle patch to begin your Indian Guides or Indian Princesses experience.


  • Chest 30″
  • Length 15″
  • This will fit the majority of 6 year olds. It will probably last only a very petite child for 3 years. This is a good size for most guides or princesses starting out in a pre-K / Kindergarten tribe.Small Child Indian Guides Vest


  • Chest 30″
  • Length 17″
  • A fair bet to last a small to average child for 3 – 4 years and should allow a small child to wear a sweater/jacket underneath.Medium Child Indian Guides Vest


  • Chest 37″
  • Length 22″
  • It will be large for the majority of 7-8 year olds, but will have room for a sweater/jacket and will allow for growth over 3 years.avy weight cowhide suede
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