2021-22 Membership Picnic

Please join us at Town Line Park on Sunday, August 29 for some fun and games from 2-5pm.  We’ll have food on the grill, drinks, and fun games!  The whole family is invited, and tell all of your friends too!

Lake Forest Day Parade

New this summer is participating in the Lake Forest Day parade next Wednesday, Aug 4.  Why confine our beautiful Fox Nation float to just one day a year?  Anyone is welcome to ride in, or walk along, the float.  

Simply find us in the staging area on Western Ave (south of Chief’s pub) and join us by 9:30 AM.  Parade starts at 10:00.  We’ll have all the supplies ready, just bring your vests.  We are float #53.  

If others will be dropping off people, please forward this email to each driver dropping off people, and have them print out your Parade Order Number, and place outside under their passenger windshield wiper (inside if not dropping off).  They need a Parade Order Number to enter the parade staging area! Tell them to Click on <Map and Parade Order> and print out your parade order number. You can also download the Parade Order Number from our website, and attach it to your email.  After dropping off people or supplies, they will continue going North and exit at Illinois Rd. They can also take a blank sheet of paper and write your Parade Order Number, “53”, in as big and dark as they can.

Hope to see a huge turnout Wednesday!

2021 Spring Campout

After 14 months+ of social distancing, cancelled events and general malaise, we are happy to announce the return of the Fox Nation spring camp!  Thanks to vaccine distribution, dramatically improved COVID positivity rates and the outdoor-friendly nature of the spring camp, we are confident we can hold a safe and fun Spring campout.  Join us and make memories that last two lifetimes!

Who: Registered members of the Fox Nation 

When: May 21-23 (you can choose one or two nights).  Arrivals are 6-9:30PM Friday the 21st and all day Saturday.

Where: Camp Anokijig, Plymouth, WI

Camp details:

  • Each family (or pod) will have their own cabin or tent.
  • There will be no indoor activities or foodservice (bring your cookout supplies!)
  • Activities offered: mini golf, archery, horseback riding

Register now by clicking the link below

If you need to register for membership: 2020-21 Membership

All Dads and kids must complete a 14-day temperature log that begins THIS SATURDAY and a signed waiver (attached).

2020 Fall Campout

The Fall Campout is moving ahead with some adjustments.  Sept 11-13, NO foodservice or indoor activities.  Each father/child group will have their OWN cabin or tent.

Start of Season Picnic

Please join us at Townline Park for some socially-distanced fun and games THIS SUNDAY from 2-5pm.  We’ll have individually-wrapped snacks and drinks, and the whole family is invited.  Masks are required for adults and kids when closer than 6′.

Welcome to 2020!

Ah-ho and welcome everyone to the new year!

The 2020 Winter Campout is now available for registration in the Shop, and everyone should dig their bowling balls out of the closet and get ready for our annual bowling event on January 12th!

We will post updates here in 2020 with Fox Nation and tribe events!

Fox Nation Open House Picnic 2019

Fox Nation family!

Join us on August 25 from 2pm – 5pm at Townline Community Park for our annual fall picnic! Food will be served, and there will be games and activities for the kids.

For more information see the entry in the Events calendar.

This “welcome back” picnic is the first all nation event of the 2019 – 2020 Fox Nation Indian Guides & Princesses season. It’s the perfect opportunity for new or prospective members to learn more about Indian Guides and Princesses, and meet the other dads and kids in your tribes.

This is an all family event for new and current members so come out and join us for an afternoon of fun! This is also the perfect opportunity to extend an invitation to neighbors and friends to learn about the Fox Nation. Even if you can’t make the entire picnic, stop over and say hi!