Fourth of July Indian Guides

Fun, Family and Community at Fourth of July Parade

Thanks to everyone who supported Fox Nation at the Lake Bluff Fourth of July parade! Whether it was riding on the float, walking next to it, or cheering us on along the parade route, Fox Nation had an impressive showing. In fact, our renovated float, complete with smoke rising from the tepee, is rumored to have won best float. Way to go!  A lot of hard work went into the renovations, but seeing the fun time everyone had celebrating our community and our country makes it worth it. Fox Nation has participated in the Lake Bluff parade for as long as we can remember. We are proud to carry on that tradition, making new memories for our families.

Lake Bluff 4th of July parade 2014

Parade recap from the 4th of July parade in Lake Bluff, IL in Lake County

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Lake Bluff 4th of July Parade

Fox Nation, it is that time of year again.  Our annual participation in the Lake Bluff, IL 4th of July parade is only a couple of weeks away.  Join us at 9am on East Center Avenue LB, where we will have our newly refurbished Fox Nation Float, face painting, flyers to hand out to prospective dads, and candy for the kids to give out along our route.  Our guides and princesses are welcome to ride on the float as well. The parade steps off at 10am sharp.  

Wear your Fox Nation tee shirts and vests and show off our Nation pride and spirit, and chiefs bring your headdresses.  This is a very important recruiting event for us as we hand out flyers to a captive audience, so please join us if you can. 

Please remember to pack sun screen and plenty of water.  We have room for backpacks on the back of the float.  See the attached map for directions to the parade staging areas along both sides of East Center Ave.  We signed up very early this year and are expecting a desirable spot near the front of the parade.  

Hope to see everyone out there! If you have any questions reach out to your Chief.  

Kids Caring for Kids Recap

At the Fox Nation Indian Guides “Kids Caring for Kids” event, we assembled Cuddle Lions for kids in need at Lurie Children’s Hospital. We had a great turnout, and our Guides and Princesses helped bring some joy into children’s lives that need it at this time.

Spring Camp Out 2014 at Camp Minikani

Recap photos from the Indian Guides & Princess spring campout at Camp Minikani. If you have any photos from the camp out that you would like to share on the website please send them to Chris Jensen.

2014 Spring Camp

2014 spring camp out at Camp Minikani

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Bury the Old Smelly Sock Tradition

Preschool & Kindergarten Girls May Meeting at Equestrian Connection

The Ojibwa preschool / kindergarten girls tribe from Lake Forest had their May meeting at the Equestrian Connection in Mettawa.

Ojibwa Indian Princess Meeting 5-25

The Ojibwa preschool / kindergarten girls tribe from Lake Forest had their May meeting at the Equestrian Connection in Mettawa.

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Activities included trail walks, crafts, horse grooming and horseback riding. Our Indian Princess girls had a great time!

Kids Caring for Kids

Please join us for our first “Kids Caring for Kids” project.

Our goal is to assemble 100 stuffed lions that will be distributed to children at Luries Children Hospital.  Please come to help spread some joy to children in need.

Snacks and Entertainment will be provided!


Indian Guides & Princesses 2014 Spring Camp Out

The 2014 Spring Campout for the Fox Nation is being held at Camp Minikani in Hubertus, WI.  In addition to many things we have become used to at Camp Anokijig, Camp Minikani offers:

  • A tall rock climbing wall
  • A pool for swimming
  • A challenging high ropes course (5th grade and up)
  • Adventurous orienteering / GPS course
  • A dad-against-dad competitive row-boat race
  • Enthusiastic kid-rated great food.
  • Sturdy, wide, beds, smaller cabins -or- availability of dedicated tent spots throughout the woods and prairie.
  • Interesting new games specific to Camp Minikani
  • Many favorites including the critter race, and “kick the can”!
  • Brian Bearshadow and Clara will tell us Indian stories and do Indian themed crafts with us.

Come and join us in discovering what other Indian Guides and Indian Princesses groups have been raving about.

May 30th – June 1st, mark your calendars now!

Find the early registration form here.

Find Camp Minikani

Fox Nation 2014 Feast

Feast of the Nmebine Giizis in the Month of the Sucker Moon

Join all of your fellow Indian Guides and Indian Princesses at the 2014 Fox Nation Feast. The feast is where we celebrate the previous year’s season and look forward to the upcoming season. Trophies & ribbons will be handed out for awards earned in the 2013-2014 season. The new Chief’s and Officers for the 2014-2015 season will be introduced.

We will have pizza, drinks, cake, cookies. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase & every child will go home with a prize. The feast is $5 per person, collected at the Feast. You can also buy Indian Guides and Indian Princesses vest and t-shirts at the event.

Hope to see everyone there!

Indian Guides

2014 Fox Nation Pinewood Derby Recap

The race was a huge success! We had 80 participating guides and princesses. Thanks to everyone who made the event a day to remember!

2014 Pinewood Derby

Images from the 2014 Fox Nation Indian Guides pinewood derby race

[img src=]5540Totem Pole
[img src=]3710Bow
[img src=]3010Four cars ready for staging
[img src=]2450Four cars ready for staging
[img src=]2150Selection of cars
[img src=]1970Four cars ready for staging
[img src=]1730Selection of cars
[img src=]1580Selection of cars
[img src=]1461Selection of cars
[img src=]1410Fox Nation is ready to race!
[img src=]1360Assistant Chief Lamb
[img src=]1300Jensen kids showing off their cars
[img src=]1240Selection of cars
[img src=]1150Selection of cars
[img src=]1140Final check of the participating cars
[img src=]1080Selection of cars
[img src=]1020Eagle
[img src=]960Chocolate bar car
[img src=]980Indian Arrow
[img src=]960Fox Nation is ready to race!
[img src=]940Winning design - cheetah cage
[img src=]940Ready, set, go!
[img src=]980Princesses with their dad, waiting for the big race

2014 Pinewood Derby Race – March 9th

The annual Indian Guide and Indian Princess Fox Nation Pinewood Derby event is Sunday, March 9th!  It’s time to start designing your cars!

Who is going to build the baddest, fastest car in our nation?  Who will come up with the most creative design?  And, who is going to represent the nation’s heritage with a car designed in honor of the native Indians?

Sunday, March 9th, boys and girls from the Fox Nation will come out for an afternoon of harrowing, nail-biting racing among dozens of one-of-a-kind pinewood derby cars.

What do you need to participate you ask?  A car that adheres to the pinewood derby design rules and your son’s or daughter’s participation.

The are two locations to pick up your pinewood derby kit ($5 per car kit):
Colin McBean’s house and Corbett Lamb’s Office. Talk to your tribe chief for details.

Find the official rules for your car and the race.