Lake Forest Day Parade

New this summer is participating in the Lake Forest Day parade next Wednesday, Aug 4.  Why confine our beautiful Fox Nation float to just one day a year?  Anyone is welcome to ride in, or walk along, the float.  

Simply find us in the staging area on Western Ave (south of Chief’s pub) and join us by 9:30 AM.  Parade starts at 10:00.  We’ll have all the supplies ready, just bring your vests.  We are float #53.  

If others will be dropping off people, please forward this email to each driver dropping off people, and have them print out your Parade Order Number, and place outside under their passenger windshield wiper (inside if not dropping off).  They need a Parade Order Number to enter the parade staging area! Tell them to Click on <Map and Parade Order> and print out your parade order number. You can also download the Parade Order Number from our website, and attach it to your email.  After dropping off people or supplies, they will continue going North and exit at Illinois Rd. They can also take a blank sheet of paper and write your Parade Order Number, “53”, in as big and dark as they can.

Hope to see a huge turnout Wednesday!

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