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2014 – 2015 Season Recap

Thank you to the entire Fox Nation, including all of our Indian Guides and Indian Princesses for a successful 2014-2015 season. It was one of our best years yet.

We started the season with our most popular event – the Fall Campout, where we had a record turnout. After the Fall Campout came the LEAD Red Ribbon Race, where we participated as an entire nation, and also sold pumpkins as a fundraiser to help support our organization.

Next was one of our more unique events – spending the night aboard the U.S.S Cobia Submarine at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. The kids absolutely loved sleeping on the submarine, and exploring all the different nooks and crannies. In December we visited Claridge Healthcare Center, and did caroling for the residents. One of our members went above and beyond and made snowman treats for the residents out of marshmallows. It was a heartwarming event.

We moved things inside for our first nation event of 2015, bowling at Brunswick Zone. For the adventurous families, the Fox Nation Winter Camp Out came shortly after. Again it was an awesome time, where the kids participated in ice fishing, milk jug curling, skating & hockey, and then of course swimming at the Sheboygan High School. We got quite a bit of snow Saturday into Sunday, which made the trip home interesting, but it was worth the memories with the kids.

In February the nation participated in a Feed My Starving Children event, which was very fulfilling, and helped reinforce with our kids the importance of helping others that are less fortunate. The kids and parents packed close to 12,000 meals for families in Africa. Next on the agenda was the ever popular Indian Guides & Princesses Pinewood Derby race, where we had the first ever transformer pine wood derby car (car to robot).

Once the weather started getting nice (it took a while this year), we moved our volunteering outdoors, and planted Milkweed plants for Monarch Butterflies at Elawa Farm in Lake Forest, IL. We planted over 200 plants, and there have been Monarch Butterflies sighted there since using the plants for reproduction. Thanks to this event, the Fox Nation Indian Guides and Princesses are forming a partnership with Elawa Farm and will be doing more volunteering there next season.

We also spent the night at another museum, this time at the Museum of Science and Industry. Around this time there was also a Chicago Wolves game that the nation went to, and had our name displayed proudly up on the scoreboard.

Wrapping up the 2014-2015 season was our participation in the Lake Bluff 4th of July parade. As always we had an awesome turnout. Our guides and princesses handed out candy and flyers, and enjoyed riding atop the Fox Nation Indian Guides and Princesses award winning float.

It was an unforgettable year, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming Recruiting Picnic at Elawa Farm in August.

Lake Bluff 4th of July Parade Success!

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Thank you to all of our members who participated in the parade, preparing our award winning float, handing out candy and flyers, and spreading the word about our family oriented organization. It was a huge success and we had a unforgettable holiday weekend. See below for some highlights of the event. If anyone has photos of our Fox Nation members at the parade, please forward them to your Chief so they can be included here.

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