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Indian Guides

2014 Fox Nation Pinewood Derby Recap

The race was a huge success! We had 80 participating guides and princesses. Thanks to everyone who made the event a day to remember!

2014 Pinewood Derby

Images from the 2014 Fox Nation Indian Guides pinewood derby race

[img src=]8000Totem Pole
[img src=]5630Bow
[img src=]4460Four cars ready for staging
[img src=]3630Four cars ready for staging
[img src=]3130Selection of cars
[img src=]2910Four cars ready for staging
[img src=]2540Selection of cars
[img src=]2380Selection of cars
[img src=]2241Selection of cars
[img src=]2060Fox Nation is ready to race!
[img src=]2000Assistant Chief Lamb
[img src=]1920Jensen kids showing off their cars
[img src=]1840Selection of cars
[img src=]1750Selection of cars
[img src=]1760Final check of the participating cars
[img src=]1720Selection of cars
[img src=]1590Eagle
[img src=]1550Chocolate bar car
[img src=]1500Indian Arrow
[img src=]1480Fox Nation is ready to race!
[img src=]1480Winning design - cheetah cage
[img src=]1460Ready, set, go!
[img src=]1500Princesses with their dad, waiting for the big race