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Upcoming Winter Campout at Camp Anokijig – Register Now!

NOTE!!! – If you haven’t registered and think you missed your opportunity, that’s not the case! Show up to the winter camp this weekend and you can register and pay on site at Camp Anokijig!

The 2014 Indian Guides Winter Camp Out is quickly approaching. Do any of these activities sound fun to you?

  • Tubing down the Xmas light-lit swath through the Anokijig woods with your friends!
  • Skate, play hockey or broom ball on frozen Elkhart lake!
  • Snowshoe to victory hill and the serenity beyond.
  • Listen to Brian Bearshadow’s Ojibwe stories, and mull over the meanings while you go to sleep in your cozy sleeping bag in the cabin at night.
  • Make unique crafts with Brian Bearshadow and Clara, and an necklace with flint knapper Dick Grybush.
  • Learn all about flint knapping in case you ever need to make a spear head in the wild.
  • Learn how to aim and throw an atlatl spear, maybe even in a friendly competition.
    Ice fish with your dad.
  • Holler, sweep and throw at Camp Anokijig’s premier Milk jug curling rink on the frozen lake.
  • Actually WALK over water to Inspiration Island.
  • Take sleigh rides through the snowy hills and dales with your Tribe.
  • Show off your jump board and sliding skills to your pals at the waterpark
  • Exploring Camp Anokijig with your best friend.
  • Hang around the fire and share stories with Lake Forest/Lake Bluff’s best men and kids
  • Hunt for the Red Vests, Chiefs and the Quack in the woods.

If so, get your registration form in as soon as possible and join us at Camp Anokijig.

There is a benefit to you to register early (best cabins go first, you save some dough, and the Camp can prepare properly), and it helps us a lot if you can commit by Sunday January 26th, and have your payment in by Monday January 27th.

Often, new Dads wonder if their Indian Princess or Guide is too young for Winter campout. I can tell you that I have seen many dads with preschoolers tooling around in the snow at Camp Anokijig (and plenty in pink outfits). Our Great Chief Crazy Frog’s son, Jumping Salmon, started when he was 4. At this age they would require some extra supervision, but it’s an incredible bonding opportunity. As long as you heed REI’s motto of “there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate equipment” you will be fine. The registration form is in the Documents section of this site. Fill it out, include payment, and return to Terry Mueller as soon as you can!

Fox Nation Bowling Event

Bowling at Brunswick is family fun at its best. It’s a great way to spend some quality time that everyone will enjoy. Bowling, billiards, video games, food, beverages – there’s something fun for everyone.

All of the mighty Fox Nation Indian Guides and Indian Princesses are invited, so come and get into the good times at Brunswick Zone in Vernon Hills!

Click for a map to Brunswick Zone in Vernon Hills

Click for Brunswick Zone’s web site