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Lake Bluff Beach Cleanup Community Event

Thank you to everyone who showed up to help clean up the Lake Bluff beach. It was a beautiful morning, and thanks to all of the hard work from our Guides and Princesses we left the beach in pristine condition! See below for pictures from the event.

Lake Bluff Beach Cleanup, September 2013

Indian Guides and Indian Princesses gathered on the beach at 9am to clean up the beach and have some fun!

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Fall 2013 Camp Recap

It was wonderful to see 148 Lake Forest and Lake Bluff campers at Camp Anokijig!

Thank you to everyone in the Fox Nation for participating in so many activities and in celebrating togetherness. Also, a big thank you to Brian Bearshadow for sharing your wisdom, stories and guidance with our Nation! A final thank you to all the new Tribal Chiefs in leading the Nation for 2013/14.

To all of the graduates of the Blackhawks, Chippewa, Ojbwa, and Sauk Tribes – All the best in your journey and friendships going forward. We are looking forward to the years ahead with our new Nation Princesses.

2013 Fall Camp

2013 Fall Camp at Camp Anokijig

[img src=]1660Claire Jensen (4 year old Ojibwa tribe) horseback riding
[img src=]3840Claire Jensen (4 year old Ojibwa tribe) showing off the face paint done by Brian Bearshadow
[img src=]2843Brian Bearshadow making corn husk dolls
[img src=]2050Jack Jensen (7 year old Michagamea tribe) kayaking
[img src=]1640Savage family (Carter - 4 year old Kickapoo tribe, Charlie - 7 year old Michagamea tribe and dad Jeff) on a paddle boat ride.
[img src=]1441Mack Jones (7 year old Michagamea tribe) wearing the Chief's headdress
[img src=]1400Showing off the corn husk dolls made by Brian Bearshadow
[img src=]1350Archery competition
[img src=]1300Nagel family (Jenna - 4 year old Ojibwa tribe, Karl - 7 year old Michagamea tribe and dad Blair) on a canoe ride.


Fall Camp Around the Corner!

Braves, Guides and Princesses!

It is time!

  • Friends, Cabins, Tents, Campfires
  • Sachem Bearshadow
  • Swimming, Canoeing, Beach, Rowing, Paddle Boat, Pontoon Ride, Private Island, Fishing, War Canoes
  • Kick-the-Can, Find-the-Quack
  • Archery, BB Guns, Crafts, Horses
  • Rituals, burying socks, singing, IG & IP graduation ceremony, New Chiefs Initiation, Wagoosh Induction

Questions? Need a registration form? Call or email Dom Duelli – 847.533.6743 or

Join your Fox Nation Families at Camp Anokijig!

Fun and Family!

The Fox Nation is a compilation of “tribes” across eastern Lake County, comprised of boys (guides) tribes and girls (princesses) tribes of kids in similar age ranges, grades K-6.

Tribes meet on a regular basis for crafts and activities, in addition to participating in monthly Nation events throughout the year. The Nation hosts three campouts per year at Camp Anokijig in Wisconsin.

The Fox Nation has played an important role in the lives of North Shore families since 1961. The program’s rich history dates back to 1926 and is based on the strong characteristics of American Indian culture: dignity, patience, endurance, spirituality, connectedness to the earth and concern for family and community. Our goal is to support and encourage a father’s vital role as teacher, counselor and friend to his child(ren).